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While noting that people who become eligible will be insured until Sept. Citizens may apply for the benefits of the Government Health Plan through the website: www. EOwhich will be effective until May 9, includes an extension of the nighttime curfew to 10 p.

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Meanwhile, retail and restaurant occupancy will continue at 50 percent capacity, as long as the six-foot spacing between tables is guaranteed. Retail and restaurant occupancy will continue at 50 percent capacity, as long as the six-foot spacing between tables is guaranteed. Furthermore, event planners must hand over safety protocols two weeks before the event considering Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC guidelines.

Meanwhile, Pierluisi said in a written statement that aside from the decree, starting Monday the government will expand the COVID vaccine campaign to every islander who is 16 years old and older.

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The EO also states that theaters may remain open at 30 percent capacity, subject to compliance with a protocol, but coliseums, activity centers, nightclubs and bars will not be allowed to open. Schools will continue operating according to the community transmission analysis published by the island Health Department Surveillance System. Likewise, the PCR polymerase chain reaction test requirement is maintained for travelers arriving on the island.

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Marinas remain open, but the new EO prohibits the rafting up or mooring of several vessels together. It also prohibits the crowding of people on beaches, rivers, spas, marinas, swimming pools and other bodies of water.

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To this end, the obligation to maintain a. The maritime transportation services for the offshore islands of Vieques and Culebra will continue to operate for residents and people who work in those municipalities.

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Likewise, the opening of maritime transportation services for tourists to both islands will continue to be in effect, unless their respective mayors declare otherwise. The Local Sluts Manati PR lists the people and services excluded from the curfew, including gas stations and their distribution chains, but they will not be able to sell alcoholic beverages after 9 p. According to the Health Department, this means that schools in those municipalities must adopt mechanisms to ensure twice-weekly COVID screening tests for teachers and staff members.

Additional testing is advised if the student is presenting symptoms related to the coronavirus. The contract, ed last summer, is currently in the front-end transition phase. The project will provide 50 jobs during the construction phase. The facility will include an outdoor training yard, a learning lab and classrooms, administrative offices, and equipment and parking.

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Earl Duke Austin, CEO of Quanta Services, said Local Sluts Manati PR who graduate from one of several Quanta Services colleges go out to better jobs with good pay, comparing them to doctors. That agreement would allow contract cancellation in the event PREPA does not complete the bankruptcy process in 18 months.

Stensby said Quanta has unionized workers. Austin said he is pro-union. Jorge Alfredo Rivera Segarra, chairman of the House Agriculture Committee, on Thursday made available to island farm owners and administrators contact information for people who have called his office to express their interest in going to work on farms throughout Puerto Rico. University students, retired people, parttime workers, among others, have called our office and authorized us to give their information to potential employers. The legislator added that those interested in earning money working on farms and who are receiving government income such as nutrition assistance or the government health plan will not see a reduction in their benefits.

Two of the complaints were for violations of Articles 4. A preliminary hearing was scheduled for April 21 at 10 a.

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We expected that from the Speaker of the House, not from him. Our conclusion is that the PDP has split, that its leadership is in question and he had to do this to please some sectors within that party, because, again, that is not the Dalmau that we all know. Last night the president of. Instead of trying to obtain funds, the NPP government should manage the [efficient distribution] of the disbursement.

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More contagious virus variant is now dominant in U. The worrisome development comes as officials and scientists warn of a possible fourth surge of infections. Federal health officials said in January that the B. At that point, new cases, hospitalizations and deaths were at an all-time high.

From that peak, the s declined until late February, according to a New York Times database. After several weeks at a plateau, new cases and hospitalizations are increasing again.


The average of new cases in the country has reached nearly 65, a day as of Tuesday, concentrated mostly in metro areas in Michigan as well as in the New York City region. The of deaths, however, continue to decline — potentially a that mass vaccinations are beginning to protect older Americans and other highly vulnerable populations. And Local Sluts Manati PR, we need to continue to accelerate our vaccination efforts and to take the individual responsibility to get vaccinated when we can. The CDC has also been tracking the spread of other variants, such as B.

Adam Lauring, a virologist at the University of Michigan. But he noted that people were becoming less cautious at a time when they should be raising their guard against a more contagious variant.

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At the same time, the United States is vaccinating an average of about 3 million people a day, and states have rushed to make all adults eligible. Scientists hope that vaccination will blunt any potential People wait for COVID testing at a mobile testing vehicle, fourth surge.

𝐛𝐮𝐛𝐛𝐥𝐞𝐠𝐮𝐦 𝐛𝐢𝐭𝐜𝐡 // 𝐬𝐜𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐦 𝐪𝐮𝐞𝐞𝐧𝐬

All states have already reached or expect to exceed this goal after he initially asked that they do so by May 1. The B. Helix, a lab testing company, has tracked the relentless year.

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In February, a study that analyzed half a million coronavirus increase of B. As of April 3, tests and hundreds of genomes predicted that this variant could become predominant in the country in a month. At that time, the it estimated that the variant made up That variant has been found to be most prevalent in Mi- CDC was struggling to sequence the new variants, which made it chigan, Florida, Colorado, California, Minnesota and Massachu- difficult to track them.

But those efforts Local Sluts Manati PR substantially improved in recent weeks setts, according to the CDC. By contrast, Britain, which has distancing and other measures. As cases fell, restive Americans headed back to school and a more centralized health care system, began a highly promoted sequencing program last year that allowed it to track the spread work, against the warnings of some scientists.

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Federal health officials are tracking reports of increasing cases Local Sluts Manati PR the B. It is difficult for scientists to say exactly how much of the professor of medicine and an infectious disease expert at Emory current patterns of infection are because of the growing frequency University.

In addition to spreading more efficiently, he said, the B. Though marked as a draft, federal officials said the report was considered to be final. Ten months after his report, the plant has become a major headache for the team named by President Joe Biden to oversee the pandemic response. So far, the Food and Drug Administration has not certified the factory to distribute any doses for public use, and the agency is not expected to do so until it conducts a thorough review, which can take weeks.

COVID vaccine. AstraZeneca was expected to fulfill the majority of the global need, but safety concerns have upended those plans. British officials said Wednesday that people under 30 should not take the.

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Between October and January, Emergent threw away five lots of the AstraZeneca vaccine — each the equivalent of 2 million to 3 million doses — because of contamination or suspected contamination, The Times reported Tuesday. By giving Emergent a key role in its coronavirus response, the government was counting on the company to deliver on a promise made more than eight years earlier. But de Notaristefani wrote that Emergent had used the site primarily for smaller development projects.

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His report was based in part on a visit to the plant on June 4, as well as information provided by the company and conversations with the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority, the federal agency that awarded Emergent the manufacturing contract. It is unclear what action, if any, the Trump administration took in response, or whether the Biden administration reviewed the findings before the recent problems arose.

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The San Juan Daily Star the company to manufacture at the required rate. Emergent is a longtime federal contractor in the area of biodefense. That left the government with less money for. Though the original federal contract for the Baltimore plant required Emergent to demonstrate large-scale manufacturing of a pandemic influenza vaccine — envisioned by health officials as a pressure test of its abilities — Emergent had yet to do so, The Times reported Tuesday.

The company risked defaulting on the original deal, which had set a deadline of June Asked about the report Wednesday, the White House. In interviews with The Times, they cited crushing worklo and shortcuts taken to meet unrealistic timetables. Even so, the exsupervisors said, employees are overwhelmed, and some are often forced to work more than 70 hours a week. A review of months of company logs obtained Local Sluts Manati PR The Times showed that employees repeatedly said they deviated from manufacturing standards because of a lack of manpower and shortened production times.

So, for now at least, the question of who will lead the Democratic ticket in has been put to rest. On the Republican side, however, certainty is in short supply. Some Republican candidates have already made trips to Iowa and New Hampshire, and others are laying plans to go, in what often represents the first step in building out a campaign operation in those early-voting states.

And on Wednesday, in a conspicuously forward-looking move, former Vice President Mike Pence announced the formation of Local Sluts Manati PR new political organization, Advancing American Freedom, whose advisory board is stacked high with former Trump administration officials and allies.

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The GOP is badly fractured, trying to hold together a dominant base of those loyal to former President Donald Trump and a stubborn minority of pro-decorum, anti-Trump conservatives. Anyone looking to grab the Republican mantle will have to find some way of satisfying both camps — and maybe even expanding upon Local Sluts Manati PR.

But looking at the nation at large, Pew also found that a majority of Americans Local Sluts Manati PR Trump either a. So it may be tough for Republicans to get very far in a general election if their candidate is seen as too staunch of a Trump loyalist. With all these factors at play, I caught up with our political reporter and Trump guru Maggie Haberman. It most certainly gives Pence a perch from which to run, and, more ificantly, to differentiate himself from Trump to the best of his ability. He has more of a challenge than most of the potential candidates in presenting himself as a continuation of what Republicans.

Pence, for one, has always done his best to skate along that divide. For Republican presidential hopefuls, will there be any room for being even semi-critical of Trump? I think they all have to survive a GOP primary, and the bulk of the Republican base is going to want someone who resembles Trump in some way.

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Pence has also been so, so reluctant to criticize Trump, even after his own life was at risk in the Capitol attack on Jan. A of other prominent Republicans have recently been laying groundwork in Iowa.

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